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Your local Sunshine Coast plumber WaterWorx is there to help you when things go wrong. From leaking taps to toilets, burst pipes and hot water system issues, we will be there to help. Your perfect outcome is for the problem to be sorted quickly and efficiently, for the best price possible.

WaterWorx Plumbing is there for the good times, too. Whether you're upgrading your home with a stunning new bathroom, kitchen or laundry, or simply want to better manage your household water usage, this team is ready to help. Waterworx Plumbing is a member of Qld Master Plumbers Association and Backflow Prevention Association of Queensland and attends regular updates.

Household & Commercial Maintenance

Household & Commercial Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure! At WaterWorx Plumbing we believe regular maintenance and good management is the most efficient way to keep your systems working.

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Reliable repairs for commercial clients

Reliable Repairs For Commercial Clients

WaterWorx Plumbing also works with commercial clients, including real estate agencies and property managers, nursing and retirement homes, and shopping centers.

We are fully licensed and insured for your protection and can provide your agency or complex with regular and ongoing maintenance schedules.

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Renovating services

Renovating Services

Let us take the stress out of your next renovation project. We will take the time to meet with you and discuss your requirements, to ensure you get the most out of your renovation budget.

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Hot water systems

Hot Water Systems

Is your hot water system costing you more than it should? Do you frequently run out of hot water?

WaterWorx Plumbing Sunshine Coast can help.

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Heat pump water systems

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters work by absorbing warmth from the air and transferring it to heat water. They are sometimes called ‘air-source heat pumps’.  Heat pump water heaters use electricity to operate but are about three times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater. They can help save energy and money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Rainwater tanks and pumps

Rainwater Tanks & Pumps

While it is not compulsory to install a rainwater tank at your home, it is advisable. With ongoing droughts and water restrictions, a rainwater tank and pump are valuable additions to your home's water supply.

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Roof and guttering repairs and renovation

Roof & Guttering Repairs & Renovation

When it come to your plumbing needs, WaterWorx does a lot more than just fix leaks!

We are also your go-to team on the Sunshine Coast for guttering, downpipes and roofing issues. We'll even advise you on the best ways to keep falling leaves at bay with installation of quality gutter guard.

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Thermostatic mixing valves

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Do you need to install Thermostatic Mixing Valves? If you run an early learning centre, aged care or special care facility, medical facility, hair salon, or similar, the chances are you do.

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Real Estate & Body Corporate

Real Estate & Body Corporate

WaterWorx Plumbing is fully licensed, endorsed and insured to work with real estates and body corporates.

We understand the importance and benefits of regular, scheduled maintenance, and will work with you to suit your timescale and budget.

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If you have any emergency plumbing need, simply call us now