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Hot water systems

Has your hot water system sprung a leak? Do you need to upsize your existing heater to cope with a growing family or lots of guests?

Is your heater costing you more to run than it should? - What other options are available?

If a new heater is required, Waterworx Plumbing can advise, supply & install the heater of your choice & arrange for a qualified electrician to reconnect & test if you don’t have an electrician in mind.

We’ll even load up the old heater & dispose of it – no hassles for you to worry about.

Do you have young children & are concerned about possible scolding incidents in the bath or shower?

Why not install a tempering valve device to restrict the maximum temperature of the hot water to the bathroom or whole of house.

These are cheap to install & provide piece of mind that the young ones remain safe.

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