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Real Estate & Body Corporate

WaterWorx Plumbing is fully licensed, endorsed and insured to work with real estates and body corporates.

We understand the importance and benefits of regular, scheduled maintenance, and will work with you to suit your timescale and budget.

By providing detailed reports and invoices, we make it easier for you to comply with your property owner's wishes and budget.

Making Your Complex or Property More Cost Efficient

We can also provide information & installation for other Green initiatives, including rainwater tanks & pumps, heat pump hot water systems, Solar Skylights for those dark areas, & Aqua Trip water monitoring device installation to automatically shut off water in the event of a leak.

If water usage & cost need to be monitored, we can install individual water meters to each unit. This is a great way to avoid disputes over water usage between property owners & tenants.

Whether we are carrying out regular maintenance and repairs, or updating your plumbing system, we will provide reports that can be presented to property owners or Body Corporate meetings.


If you have any emergency plumbing need, simply call us now