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Rainwater tanks and pumps

While it is not compulsory to install a rainwater tank at your home, it is advisable. With ongoing droughts and water restrictions, a rainwater tank and pump are valuable additions to your home's water supply.

With properly installed and well maintained guttering and downpipes, you can harvest a good supply of water for use in your home and garden. If nothing else, it is a great way of topping up your pool and watering the garden.

Tanks with down pipe diverters, rain heads & pressure pumps are a great way to provide good clean water & minimise water usage for topping pools, watering gardens, for use in toilet cisterns & cold supply for washing machines.

Choosing The Right Rainwater Tank

At WaterWorx Plumbing Sunshine Coast, we can help you choose the best Rainwater Tank for your needs and location.

Tanks come in all sizes, shapes, colours, materials and capacities. Choose from above ground and below ground options, or a bladder tank for use under your verandah. Modular tanks are great for internal and external corners.



We can help you with:

  • Above and below ground tanks - round, rectangular or slimline
  • Concrete, metal, or plastic tanks
  • Bladder tanks that fit beneath buildings and verandahs  
  • Modular plastic tanks for beneath buildings, in walls, and around external corners of buildings

We can advise on all the options available to connect your tank supply to the home, including pumps. To learn more about Water Tanks and the environment contact us today.

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