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Roof and guttering repairs and renovation

When it come to your plumbing needs, WaterWorx does a lot more than just fix leaks!

We are also your go-to team on the Sunshine Coast for guttering, downpipes and roofing issues. We'll even advise you on the best ways to keep falling leaves at bay with installation of quality gutter guard.

Rusty, damaged or poorly installed gutters and pipes generally result in water leaks - and that can cause major issues, such as internal water damage and mould, rotting fascia boards or attracting termites.

A cheap fix now could save you thousands of dollars in restoration work later.

At WaterWorx Plumbing, we offer a comprehensive maintenance service that includes:

  • Inspecting, cleaning and replacing rusting roof flashings and gutters
  • Repairing or replacing damaged downpipes
  • Fixing leaking gutter joints or roof sheets and flashing
  • Scheduled maintenance to clean out your gutters, ensuring leaf matter doesn’t rust out or clog up the guttering or downpipes

WaterWorx Plumbing can also clean or replace your valley gutters to ensure storm water damage does not occur inside the house.

Wherever possible, you should trim back trees that drop leaves onto your roof and gutters, to avoid blockages. You can also keep debris out by installing gutter protection products.

We can advise you on which products work best & install them to remove the threat of blocked gutters, down pipes or stormwater drains.


If you have any emergency plumbing need, simply call us now