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Backflow prevention devices should only be tested or certified by a licensed tradesperson with the relevant license endorsements. At WaterWorx Plumbing we are fully Endorsed and Insured to install/test annually and commission new installations.  We cover the whole of the Sunshine Coast and hinterland.  We will test your backflow prevention device and submit the relevant paperwork to the local governing body for processing. Commercial/Domestic Property appraisals are available.  Discounts apply to bulk testing.


Backflow Device

What is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when water flows opposite to its normal or intended direction and potentially can contaminate the main drinking water supply. Installing a backflow prevention device ensures that water from a property cannot be drawn back into the main drinking water supply.

Who gets it?

Backflow can occur in both domestic and commercial properties.  There are two main possible causes:

  1. Back siphonage:  
    Occurs from a breakage in a water main elsewhere in the water service that creates a vacuum through the pipework, which physically sucks potentially contaminated water back into the drinking water supply line. For example, a hose left in a pool after topping up or potentially worse, chemical storage such as poison vats/herbicide tanks etc.
  2. Back Pressure
    Back pressure can occur when high pressure is generated in pipes on the same line downstream of the hazard by either pumps/thermal expansion or elevation.  The primary function of these devices is to safe guard the Council drinking supply.  Domestic/commercial & Industrial properties may all be required to install single or multiple devices within their properties depending on the level of potential hazards on site.

There are several different backflow prevention devices available on the market depending on the level of risk and each has its different application.

Backflow prevention devices can be testable or non testable. Testable devices are required to be registered with the Local Authority responsible for water supply and an annual test is to be conducted to ensure that the valve is working correctly with a test report to be submitted to the relevant authority. Non Testable low risk devices may be required to be fitted to outlets but are not required to be registered or tested.

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